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B E AU T Y Feel radiant

B E AU T Y Feel radiant SKINCARE EXPERT KATHRYN LOLLEY, FROM MODE LASER SKIN CLINIC IN LICHFIELD, WEAVES HER MAGIC ON AMY NORBURY WITH A NEW AESTHETIC FACIAL FROM DERMAQUEST It’s never too early - or too late - to start taking better care of your skin, advocates skincare expert Kathryn Lolley. Environmental factors and sun exposure can play havoc with our skin, leaving it tired, damaged and dehydrated, and once you hit 40 natural collagen production ceases, meaning you need a helping hand to keep your skin looking smooth, firm and youthful. Kathryn is the founder of Lichfield’s Mode Laser Skin Clinic, which celebrates its 11th birthday this month. Her mission is to help clients become the best version of themselves by offering a broad range of non-surgical and cosmetic medical treatments. “The aesthetics industry has changed dramatically over the years, moving away from the ‘fake’ look and the desire to look ten or 20 years younger, to wanting to look the best they can for their age,” says Kathryn. “People no longer want to look totally different; it’s more about looking really good and really fresh, and making the most of their natural look.” From hair reduction to treatment for skin conditions such as rosacea, red veins, acne, pigmentation as well as tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation treatments including skin peels, micro-needling and microdermabrasion, Mode have built a reputation for superior treatments and outstanding results, becoming synonymous with looking and feeling good and offering a personal approach to professional skincare. DERMAQUEST ARE AT THE FOREFRONT OF AESTHETIC SKINCARE KATHRYN LOLLEY OF MODE LASER SKIN CLINIC As specialists in laser treatments, Mode have invested in the Lumia by Lynton Lasers, an award-winning piece of kit which is highly regarded as the Uk’s foremost removal system. Clinician Kathryn has continual intensive, hands-on training from Lynton’s team of in-house doctors and clinicians, and has acquired the CIBTAC Level 4 Laser and Light Therapy qualification, meaning she is trained to the highest standard. Kathryn’s business partner is her father, a retired GP, so the clinic is doctor-led and benefits from his medical expertise. As a passionate advocate for skincare, Kathryn is always on the lookout for the best new products and treatments to offer her clients. Her latest range is the Sweet Collection facials from DermaQuest. DermaQuest has been at the forefront of aesthetic skincare since 1990. Its highly concentrated range of treatments and products are used in clinics worldwide to bring unrivalled results to clients looking to manage the ageing process and tackle various skin concerns. These facials, explains Kathryn, are the perfect compromise between a pampering cosmetic facial - which may make your skin feel good for a few hours 52

ut offers no lasting results - and the deep treatment of a skin peel, which requires preparation of the skin beforehand and avoidance of sun exposure on the delicate fresh skin for weeks afterwards. DermaQuest’s superior ingredients and formulas tackle complex skin issues at a cellular level using advanced layering technology and effective delivery systems that ensure maximum effectiveness and absorption into the epidermis. While a single treatment is a fabulous treat and will make an instant difference to the appearance of your skin, Kathryn recommends a course of six facials, four weeks apart, to get the most benefit. As a busy working mum of a boisterous pre-schooler, time out to look after myself is few and far between, so when Kathryn invites me to the clinic to try a treatment firsthand I jump at the chance; after all, the tired, dull reflection staring back at me in the mirror is begging for a little TLC. For my treatment, Kathryn opts for the Sweet Radiance, which is packed with vitamin C and antioxidants to tackle signs of premature ageing, dull, tired and environmentally or sun-damaged skin - basically all of my concerns addressed in one fell swoop. Kathryn also recommends microdermabrasion alongside the facial to really make the most difference; this deeper, controlled exfoliation results in noticeably improved skin tone, leaving the skin looking refreshed, cleaner, softer, more supple and younger. The treatment starts with a series of deep cleanses followed by prep and prime with DermaPrime. The Glycolic Acid Resurfacer, which is the cornerstone of the DermaQuest treatments, is up next - this stellar exfoliant hydrates the skin and stimulates cell turnover, increasing collagen and elastin. A skin brightening solution is followed by the microdermabrasion treatment to really give my tired skin that much-needed boost, and a soothing mask which is left to work its magic for a few minutes. The last step is the laying of finishing products, starting with a hydrating serum, followed by a series of repair serums and eye cream, moisturiser and, finally, a layer of high factor SPF - an essential tool in your skincare arsenal and something we should all be using on a daily basis, says Kathryn. My skin is left feeling softer and smoother than it has in years, and a quick glance in the mirror shows a brightness and radiance that was previously absent. I leave the clinic feeling both pampered and freshfaced; the improvement in my skin’s appearance and texture definitely noticeable. Mode’s aim is simply to make people feel better about themselves - and to that end, the DermaQuest treatment certainly ticks all the boxes. The DermaQuest Sweet Collection facials are priced at £50, and Kathryn also offers a package including a facial and microdermabrasion treatment for £95. Mode Laser Skin Clinic is based at Essington Clinic, 132 Birmingham Road, Lichfield, Call 01543 256844 or visit KATHRYN CARRIES OUT A TREATMENT 53


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