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I N T E R I O R SSoftlytropicalAS we move into spring, we’re seeing a celebration ofnature creeping into interior style. And with storms ragingon the home front, perhaps it’s not surprising that the mosttrending decor motifs are reminiscent of far-flung shoresand exotic getaways.This season’s favourite iteration sees a more sophisticatedtake on tropical favourites. From muted tropical hues tostylish rattan furniture, this trend is an update from thebrighter tropical trends we have seen over the past fewyears. Injecting calm energy and modern vibes, it’s anideal way to refresh your home for spring 2020.Pastel greens and yellows, and pale peach and coraltones take the place of the neon bright hues which haveformerly been the hallmarks of the tropical trend, whilebold prints are replaced by quieter watercolour styles.Pineapples and palm trees are still strong design points,albeit in a less gaudy way than previously seen, whileflamingos have been ousted by big cats as the wildlife ofchoice.CLARENDON DINING TABLE,£169.99, FURNITURE CHOICE.WWW.FURNITURECHOICE.CO.UKHANGING BASKET PLANT HOLDER, ROSE & GREY.WWW.ROSEANDGREY.CO.UKCERAMIC BANANA LEAF JEWELLERY TRAY, CULTFURNITURE. WWW.CULTFURNITURE.COM£18£8GOLD RESIN PINEAPPLE ORNAMENT,GISELA GRAHAM LONDON.WWW.GISELAGRAHAM.CO.UK£95£36PINEAPPLE POUFFE, SWEETPEA & WILLOW.WWW.SWEETPEAANDWILLOW.COM12

Woodburning &multifuel stovest he heart of t he home...Visit our showroom to be amazed by the choice -from traditional to modernWith such a wide range of fires, fireplaces and stovesthere is sure to be a style to suit you & your homeWE OF F ERA C OMP LE T EINST ALLA T IONSERV ICEVisit our showroom and be amazed by the choice! With such a wide range from traditional to modern, there’s sure to be a style to suit you!5 Stafford Road, Lichfield WS13 7BZ - Tel: 01543 263 383 • • Email: hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm • Sat 10am - 4pm. Closed Sundays and bank holidays. FREE ON-SITE PARKING.


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