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COMBINE THEMALDIVES WITH THEUAE FOR A DREAMTWIN CENTRE TRIPdestination to actually marry abroad, the honeymoonor another celebration. This is where combining twoor more places is the perfect solution. One of youmay love the idea of relaxing on the beach, but theother may worry about getting bored. A popularcombination is the UAE and the Maldives. Withinthe UAE you could choose Dubai if you like glitzand glamour, or Abu Dhabi if you want somewherea little more laid back and with more culture. Bothare easily combined with the Maldives which, formany, would be a number one romantic getawaydream destination.Closer to home and keeping the romantic paradisefactor high, we could send you to Mykonos andSantorini in Greece. The islands are close to eachother, and Mykonos is a great start with morenightlife and atmosphere, contrasting nicely withSantorini which is much quieter and scenic. Theyoffer great food, luxury small hotels and the freedomto explore at your own pace if you feel a little restless.In Mykonos you can hire your own quad bike, whileSantorini offers stunning sunsets which we canarrange by private boat hire in the evening.unique to offer you, and for our clients wewant to push them outside of their comfortzone a little. It sounds cheesy but this isusually where the magic happens. It can bewonderfully satisfying to know you have triedsomething new and gained from it.A big investment, choose wiselyFor many, a celebration trip will be a oncein a lifetime opportunity. With so manychannels of information available to usit can be confusing. Review websites, TVshows, magazines and newspapers and theendless dream destinations photos on socialmedia mean it can be tricky to know exactlywhat is right for you. While we are confidentwe get to know our clients in a unique wayto make the right suggestions, we appreciateyou will also do your own research too.Quite often we find couples have a focuson one place or the of honeymoon and Iwould suggest keeping an open mind. Areyou getting married at the right time of year forwhere you are convinced you want to honeymoon,for example? There are so many factors that caninfluence where you go and so many places to choosefrom, it would be wise to take expert advice andensure you are spending your money wisely, even ifit does mean not going to where you initially dreamtof. After all, you want to have the best experience- which may be something you had not originallythought of.SICILY HAS PLENTY TOKEEP YOUR WEDDINGGUESTS ENTERTAINEDAgelessThis idea of authentic travel is not just restricted toyoung couples. We find the modern traveller of anyage is more interested in an authentic experience.Milestone anniversaries and birthdays are awonderful opportunity to either escape the familyor bring everyone together for shared memories. Welike to think our clients are all young at heart andapproach each enquiry as an opportunity to all learnsomething new. For us, we want to find something40

Travel caters well for all sorts of celebrations,from the traditional wedding to civil partnerships,blessings, anniversaries and so on. Removing thenecessity for the legal element can be a sensible ideaas it then opens up many more options too.TOP WEDDING DESTINATIONS1. MauritiusDo be careful when choosing a wedding packageabroad. You want it to feel special, of course, and thethought of sharing your special day with others is nota notion many couples realise may actually happenwhen they plan to get married abroad. In Mauritius,we work with specially selected hotels where you willbe the only couple getting married on that day; therewill be no conveyor belt weddings at these hotels!Our MD’s brother chose Mauritius for his specialday and so we have first-hand experience!2. ItalyItaly oozes romance and there are some beautifulhistoric buildings to add class and sophistication toyour special day. One of these is a five star hotel weknow well in Sicily. The walls are full of history andstories. Sicily is also a good all-round destination toensure wedding guests are happy too. Great sceneryand coastlines, opportunities for outdoor activitiessuch as hiking, cycling and golf, plenty to keepfamilies interested plus enough for those who wantto explore on a self-drive itinerary. Your celebrationcan bring everyone together for a few days andthen allow them to venture off on their own Sicilianadventure!A SOUTH AFRICANSAFARI MAKES FOR THECELEBRATION TRIP OF ALIFETIME3. CyprusThere’s a lot of choice in Cyprus and it is a firmfavourite wedding destination for the British. Theisland is well known as a sunshine hotspot andsuitable for couples and families, with plenty ofregional flights from around the UK too. There’salso a good variety of hotels for all budgets to ensureeveryone feels comfortable flying out for your specialday. You could even go wine tasting or visit the olivegroves in the countryside for a group day out awayfrom the resorts.4. CanadaThis is a great choice for those who want a wowfactor wedding with plenty of things to do. Oneof our favourite combinations would be to visitVancouver, a great small city and also nearbyVictoria for a more historic experience. FromVancouver you could catch a cruise to Alaska, orenjoy the Rocky Mountaineer train for amazingscenery and interesting stops along the way. If youski, venture to Whistler for some of the best runs inNorth America. One of our favourite hotels is onthe west coast of Canada and offers unique stormwatching opportunities and is the perfect spot for awedding if you are seeking an exciting spot.5. African SafariCombine Cape Town with the Winelands andGarden Route and then end with a safari in theEastern Cape, or in the Kruger National Park. SouthAfrica is bursting with opportunities but is also greatvalue for money too. My colleagues have visitedand can personally vouch for the high standards ofaccommodation and experiences on offer.EXCLUSIVE FREE WEDDINGPACKAGE FOR J’AIME READERSWORTH UP TO £680!Choose from one of our eight favourite hotels onMauritius and book your wedding before the endof April 2020 with a minimum of 10 guests. Thiswonderful package includes the following:Exclusively one wedding per dayAll legal costs, fees and documentation for gettingmarriedCivil status charges and transfers of/from the officeDedicated wedding co-ordinatorChoice of wedding location with decorationsSeparate room for the groom before ceremonyCeremony musicMention J’AIME magazine when you enquire.Subject to availability, terms and conditions. Ask tospeak to Clare at RB Collection on 01543 258631.41


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